Vocabulary:  March 22, 2004

Copy these terms and definitions into your notebook!


impress to seize by force
impressed seized by force
impressment the act of seizing by force; the British practice of stopping American ships, seizing American sailors, and forcing them to serve in the British navy
embargo a government ban on some or all trade with a foreign nation
War Hawks members of Congress, mostly from the South and West, who wanted war with Great Britain in the early 1800's
secede to leave or withdraw
cede to give
cession something which is given away (frequently refers to land)
doctrine a statement of official government policy
sectionalism having more loyalty to the interests of your own region or section of the country than to the nation as a whole
industrial revolution a time of change from doing work at home by hand to doing work in factories with machines; new sources of power replaced human and animal power and there was a shift from farming to manufacturing as the main form of work