Review Project

On your own, between now and 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9, complete any or all of the following BrainPOP activities.

Student Handout

Please note the deadline!!

8th Grade Curriculum Topics

Westward Expansion
Stock Market
Assembly Line
Theodore Roosevelt
World War I
The League of Nations
Women's Suffrage
Harlem Renaissance
Great Depression Causes
Great Depression
New Deal
Franklin Roosevelt
World War II Causes
World War II
Adolf Hitler
Anne Frank
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
United Nations
Eleanor Roosevelt
Cold War
Korean War
Civil Rights
Brown v. Board of Education
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jackie Robinson
John F. Kennedy
Malcolm X
Cesar Chavez
60's Folk
The Beatles
Vietnam War
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Sally Ride
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
Political Beliefs

“complete” = movie watched + quiz taken +  results submitted


  1. Choose a title by clicking on a link in the table above.

  2. Log-in to BrainPOP. The username and password are on the project handout.

  3. Watch the movie.

  4. Take the CLASSIC QUIZ.

  5. Submit your results.

    • EMAIL YOUR RESULTS directly to your teacher. Be sure to copy the address carefully! It must be correct, or your results will be lost forever in cyberspace!.



  6. You must score at least 7 out of 10 for your quiz to count! If you do not get at least 7 correct out of 10:

    • Watch the movie again.

    • Take the graded quiz again.

    • Submit your results again.

  7. You may retake a quiz to earn a higher score, but you can only earn credit for one quiz result per title. The highest score will be the one that is recorded.

Questions You Might Have

  1. How do I access BrainPOP?

    • You may have some time to work on this project in class.

    • You can go to the computer lab or library during study hall with a pre-signed pass.

    • You can go to the computer lab or library after school with a pass.

    • You can stay with your social studies teacher or one of your other teachers after school and use the computers in their rooms.

    • You can use a computer at home.

    • You can use a computer at the public library.

  2. How will I be graded?

    • You will earn one (1) point for each correct quiz answer.

    • You must earn at least 65 points to pass this project.

    • You may earn up to 300 points on this project. That's a LOT of extra credit!!