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Grade 8 Social Studies

Megahomeworkorama Extravaganza 2011

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The Cold War Begins
pp. 810-814
Wednesday, March 23
The Korean War Period
pp. 816-820
Friday, March 25
Postwar Policies and Prosperity
pp. 842-847
Tuesday, March 29
The Civil Rights Movement
pp. 849-854
Thursday, March 31
The Crusade for Equal Rights
pp. 862-867
Monday, April 4
Regional Conflicts
pp. 821-825
Wednesday, April 6
The War In Vietnam
pp. 827-831
Friday, April 8
Protest, Reform, and Doubt
pp. 856-861
Tuesday, April 12
The Cold War Ends
pp. 832-837
Thursday, April 14
Issues of the Seventies

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Thursday, April 21
The Conservative Revolt
pp. 872-877
Monday, May 2*
American Leadership in a New World
pp. 878-882
Wednesday, May 4*
The Spread of Regional Conflict
pp. 883-887
Friday, May 6*
A Global Economy
pp. 888-892
Tuesday, May 10*
New Challenges for the Nation
pp. 894-898
Friday, May 13*

* Please note that these dates have changes since the original handout.

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