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The Age of Jackson

In the election of 1828, Andrew Jackson was elected as our nation's 7th President. Jackson was a new kind of President. He came from a poor family, but had made himself wealthy through his own efforts. He was also the first President from the West. He had no formal military training, but his military record was outstanding. He filled his men with confidence, made decisions quickly, and carried them out successfully.

Andrew Jackson was a great admirer of Thomas Jefferson and his democratic ideas. Both believed that the President should help the common people. "Equal rights for all, special privileges for none," was one of Jackson's slogans.

Jackson served two terms as President. During those eight year he showed how powerful a strong President could be. He had carried out his policies against determined opponents. He had vetoed more bills than all the Presidents before him combined. He had defied the Supreme Court. Precedents set by Andrew Jackson would be followed by other strong Presidents in the years to come.

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