Campaigning for President
Issue Barack Obama John McCain
  • Would make science and math top national priorities

  • Spend more money on schools

  • Believes in early childhood education

  • Wants to increase teacher pay

  • Supports No Child Left Behind that rewards school for high test scores

  • Schools should compete for students just as businesses compete for customers;  students should be able to choose which school to attend

  • Schools should be innovative, flexible, and student-centered

Global Warming, Energy, & the Environment
  • Wants to reward forest owners, farmers and ranchers who plant trees and restore grasslands

  • Encourage oil companies to invest in alternative energy sources

  • Supports new  standards (laws) that require all new cars to use less gasoline and release less pollution

  • Believes global warming is a real threat that requires immediate action

  • Supports use of alternative energy sources and nuclear energy

  • Supports increased drilling for oil in areas of the ocean where it is currently  not allowed


  • Supports building 700-mile fence between U.S. and Mexico

  • Hire more border guards and use better surveillance technology to make borders more secure

  • Help Mexico build stronger economy so that Mexicans have more job opportunities at home; stiff fines for employers who hire illegal workers

  • Supports building 700-mile fence between U.S. and Mexico

  • Make U.S. borders more secure; help other  countries create strong economies; create an employee verification system so that employers will know if someone they hire is in the country illegal; impose fines on companies that hire illegal immigrants

  • Wants to legalize the status of illegal aliens already in the U.S. and give them a path to citizenship

War in Iraq
  • Was opposed to war in Iraq

  • Wants to end the War in Iraq and bring most U.S troops home in 16 months

  • Voted for war in Iraq

  • Send more troops to help win the war; opposes a timetable for bringing U.S. troops home

  • U.S. forces should remain in Iraq as long as necessary to achieve a lasting peace

Health Care
  • Would create a national health insurance program that would cover the uninsured

  • Make insurance companies spend more on  patient care

  • Supports tax credits to help pay for health

  • Fund more federal research of chronic diseases


Terrorism & National Security
  • Wants improved  security at U.S. chemical plants (factories)

  • Believes the U.S. is still not safe from a terrorist attack; wants to improve disaster preparedness

  • Favors strengthening military power by adding more troops.

  • Wants to expand missile defense systems

  • Believes Islamic extremism represents a real threat to the U.S.


Taxes &
the Economy
  • Tax relief for working-class families, middle-class Americans, and the elderly

  • Improve government training programs for workers who lose their jobs; have the wealthiest people pay more taxes

  • Raise the minimum wage to help workers better pay for the rising cost of living.

  • Supports tax cuts for middle class families and corporations; wants to eliminate wasteful government spending

  • cut taxes on companies and make it harder for Congress to raise taxes in the future

  • Teach and train Americans so they don't lose their jobs to foreign workers