Selling Your Stocks - 2014

Step 1: Learn about the Stock Market in the 1920's. Just READ it, slowly and carefullyand THINK about what it is trying to teach you!!

Step 2: Review the stock market with BrainPOP. Watch the movie. The Review Quiz is optional. If you choose, you can take the Graded Quiz and show your teacher or print your results for extra credit!

Step 3:  In the first column under Selling on your chart, list the names of the five corporations in which you have invested. Next to each name, in the second column, write the symbol for each corporation. If  - for whatever reason - you do not have a chart, you may use this one to complete the activity.

Step 4: Look up and record the current value per share of each corporation.

Step 5: In the column, "Number of Share," record the number of shares of each corporation you originally purchased.

Step 6: Do some math! Multiply the cost per share times the number of shares to determine to "Total Selling Price Per Corporation." Then add those numbers to determine your "Total Selling Price for 5 Corporations."

Step 7: Pay your stockbroker. Determine the commission by multiplying your total selling price for 5 coporations by .01 (1%). Remember - we're dealing with money - so you must round off to the nearest penny!

Step 8: Subtract the commission cost from the money you got by selling your stock.

Step 9: How'd you do?  Compare the "bottom line" on both sections of the chart. If you have more money after selling than you originally invested, you made money! But, if you have less money after selling, you lost money!!

Step 10: If you finish before the end of the period, give your completed chart to Mr. Van Duyne and watch this video!