Day 2 Warmup


  1. Copy and paste the graphic below into a Microsoft Word document. DO NOT COPY THE QUESTIONS!
  2. Answer each of the questions below the graphic in one or more complete sentences. Type your answers below the graphic in your document.
  3. Type your name on your document.
  4. Save your document as stock.
  5. Print your document and hand it in!




Type your answers to the following questions in one or more complete sentences.

  1. Who buys stock for the customer?
  2. How much does each share of stock in Company XXX cost?
  3. What does the stockbroker give the customer?
  4. Where does the purchase of stock take place?
  5. Who has the power to license a stock exchange?

When done, you may watch a cartoon about the stock market, or you may get to work making your investments.