Chronological Order: Events In U.S. History

  1. Open a new Microsoft Word document.
  2. Center the title, Chronological Order: Events in U.S. History
  3. From the Table menu, choose Insert - Table. You will need 2 columns and 10 rows.
  4. Type the years below in chronological order from top to bottom down the left column of your table.
1492 1607 1664 1776 1787
1861 1920 1929 1941 1969
  1. Copy and paste each event below into the correct cell on the right side of your table so that it corresponds with the year in which it occurred.

    • Attack on Pearl Harbor; U.S. enters World War II

    • Attack of Fort Sumter; Civil War begins

    • Columbus “discovers” America

    • Dutch surrender their New World colonies to England; New Netherlands becomes New York

    • Founding of Jamestown; beginning of the 13 Colonies

    • 19th Amendment ratified; women over 18 given right to vote

    • Constitution written

    • American astronauts land and walk on the moon

    • Declaration of Independence signed on July 4

    • Stock Market Crash; Great Depression begins

  2. Type your name below your table.

  3. Save and print your document.