Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation


The Articles of Confederation created a weak government.


  1. Study the cartoons below.

1. 2.
3. 4.
  1. Review the list of weaknesses above. Decide which weakness is best illustrated by each cartoon.

  2. Open a Microsoft Word document

  3. Type and center the title, "Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation."

  4. From the Table menu, select Insert - Table. You will need 2 columns and 4 rows.

  5. Copy and paste each cartoon in a table cell in the left column. You may need to resize the cartoons so that they all fit on one page.

  6. Next to each cartoon, in the table cell on the right, type at least one sentence to describe the specific weakness of the Articles shown in the cartoon.

  7. Type your name somewhere on your document.

  8. Save your document.

  9. Print and hand in.