Over the next nine days you will move through nine different stations. At each station you will engage in a different activity to learn about life in the U.S. during the decade of the 1920’s.

By working diligently and staying on task, you should be able to complete each station in one class period. If you do not finish a station during class, or if you are absent from class, it will be your responsibility to complete the work for that station on your own.

There will be two homework assignments during this project that will be graded separately from the project. The purpose of the homework assignments is to insure that everyone has a common core of information about this topic. If you do not have a homework completed the day it is due you will do that assignment in class instead of working on that day’s station. You will be expected to stay after school that day to make up the missing station.

You will keep the work for each station in a “stations folder.” This folder will be turned in at the end of our study. The work for each station is worth seven points. Depending on the quality of your work, you may earn some or all of those points. The total number of points you earn will be divided by the total number of points possible (63) to determine your grade for this unit.





AV Presentation:  From Prosperity to Panic

Complete a viewing guide.


Lawlessness and Intolerance

AV Reading and puzzle


The Harlem Renaissance

Answer questions &design a postage stamp
- BrainPOP (movie and classic quiz)

- handout
stamp blank

- clip art


The Stock Market

“Sell” the stocks you “bought” in the fall
-if you do not have your stock chart, you may use this one to complete the activity


Fads, Fashion, and Fun in the 1920’s

Complete a response packet.


Slideshow: The Booming Twenties

Complete a viewing guide.


Changes in Technology in the 1920’s

Prepare written answers to questions about reading


Sorting Out the Roaring Twenties

Sort cards and explain your thinking!