A Picture is Worth 1000 Words
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1945 - 1960

1960 - 1974

1974 - 1980

1980 - 1992

1992 - Today


Getting Started

  1. The filename of each photograph will give you a clue where to begin your research.
  2. Most filenames will begin with one of the codes below.
  3. Following the book code will be the page number on which the photograph can be found.
  4. Find that page in the book. Read the caption to get your first clue about the photograph.
  5. NOTE -
    • There are more than one edition of some of the titles. You may need to look in several books by the same title to find the photograph.
    • Some of the photographs have a title instead of the book-page key. The name will give you a clue about the photograph.

80 - 80 Days that Changed the World
AC - America's Century

- America Is
AO - American Odyssey
AV - American Voices
AN - American Nation
APP - America’s Past and Promise
AS - America’s Story
C2F - Call to Freedom
COF - Challenge of Freedom
COTC - Chronicle of the 20th Century

EAH - Exploring American History
EAP - Exploring America’s Past
HFN - History of a Free Nation
OFOL - One Flag, One Land

PN - A Proud Nation
SL - Spirit of Liberty
TC - The Century

TCP - Two Centuries of Progress
AJ - The American Journey
TA - The Americans
SA - The Story of America
USH - United States History
USH-ITCOHE - United States History: In the Course of Human Events
WWR - Why We Remember